You are planning one of the most important days of your lives, so why not do it in confidence? Whether it’s a lavish affair or backyard wedding, there are some things that are simply out of your control —like the weather and mishaps with vendors. While there are some situations that you can’t control, there […]

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May 4, 2023

Wedding Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Wedding insurance is something every bride and groom, even vendors should have it. Learn why from our blog by Not Jess A Planner.

Certainly, your wedding venue is a top priority when it comes to celebrating your special day. Therefore, you should choose wisely and carefully if you want your wedding day to be the ultimate success. Today, we are going to be going over how to choose the wedding venue of a lifetime that won’t disappoint. Your […]


August 16, 2022

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Before choosing your wedding venue check out these tips, by Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

Are wedding hashtags important? You see friends and family using them but for your own wedding do you want one too? How do you create a cleve hashtag? In this month’s article I help answer your most pressing questions.


July 3, 2022

Wedding Hashtags

Having trouble picking your wedding hashtags? Learn some tips and resources to find yours, by Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

Proper budgeting is the key to planning a great wedding and most people don’t know what the most expensive wedding costs even are. This is the reason why it is very important to identify what to prioritize, and what can eat up the budget. I created this article to educate you with the most expensive […]


March 15, 2022

Top Three Most Expensive Wedding Costs

Find out what thing are the most expensive wedding costs, by Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, which means new 2022 wedding trends! In this article,we will talk about the 2022 wedding trends that we will all see this year and some of them might not be what you expected. Now I wrote this blog earlier in the year and meant to post it but […]


February 8, 2022

2022 Wedding Trends

Learn what wedding trends in 2022 are going to look like from Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

Can’t decide on which ceremony song to use? Although there are so many options to select, in this blog I lay out my top ten recommendations for ceremony songs to walk down the aisle to.  Slow Ceremony Songs 1. At Last by Etta James This song is such a classic but very rare to find […]


January 13, 2022

Top 10 Ceremony Songs For Weddings

Top 10 recommended ceremony songs for weddings by Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

Are you recently engaged? Congratulations!!! I am sure this is such an exciting time for you and your parter and you can’t wait to start wedding planning, but not sure where to start. Perhaps you need some guidance on what you should do to plan your wedding? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Here are my […]


January 2, 2022

How to Start Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner, I have encountered a lot of frequently asked questions from wedding guests. In this article, I gathered the common ones and I would like to share them with you and provide effective responses. This way you can handle the situation in a professional manner. 1. “When is the wedding?” There are […]


November 25, 2021

Common Questions Guests Ask About Your Wedding Day

Common wedding guest questions and answers from Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

You probably already know this or have seen this, but wedding guest mistakes happen very often. Why? Because sometimes they don’t understand certain ways or don’t have any common sense. I have been to so many weddings, and I have noticed a lot of things guests would do prior, during or after the wedding day. […]


November 4, 2021

Wedding Guest Mistakes to Know About

How to fix wedding guest mistakes from Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.

A guest list can be challenging to come up with. There’s a lot to consider before you actually and come up with the right guest list that will make your wedding very memorable without breaking your bank account. In this article, I will share a few tips on how to end up with the right […]


October 21, 2021

Best Way to Create Your Guest List

Learn to plan a guest list from Not Jess A Planner, Los Angeles, CA.